Beyond Proformas is for professionals from Urban Planning, Engineering, Architecture, Design, Finance, Construction, Technology, and Sustainability fields who care about future development of our cities! We help you pursue your passion project by creating a space for you to:

1) Create your masterplan,

2) Check if it is financially viable, 

3) Raise funds and build your dream development team.  

We offer training, consulting, and networking opportunities to build your future real development team.  We serve uniquely talented professionals and graduate students pursuing the path of social entrepreneurship through real estate development.  




Our courses focus on early stage real estate development planning in Canada.  

Money Back Guarantee Policy:

If you are not completely satisfied with the course, you can have a full refund of course costs excluding accommodation expense. Just contact Andrew Garrett ( for a refund within one week of the course.

This was an excellent, highly concentrated, intro course for young professionals who are interested in commercial real estate development. The teacher was extremely engaging and brought in an invaluable perspective on how to tackle challenges in real life market examples. I was also amazed by the quality of classmates, some of them have experience in capital markets, asset management, brokerage, and commercial mortgages, which is a great additional benefit to the training course.
— C.Z. - Commercial Analyst, Asset Management, MCAP