Rebrand Coming soon for Beyond Proformas

What impact could you have on city building over the course of your life?  

Beyond Proformas is proud to have achieved verifiable social impact as a Certified B Corp and also be recognized internationally for its inclusive business practices.  As a valued partner of the Future Real Estate Developers community, we wanted you to be the first to know of our upcoming name change and spin off, as we approach our two year anniversary.

I recently visited Metro hall with my daughter to show her an exhibit on the Future of Toronto.  As she marveled at the magnificent models, I couldn't help but think her future happiness would be more linked to bold community level projects.  Large developers move on to larger and larger projects. This leaves an enormous opportunity for talented real estate up and comers to push beyond the boundaries of their profession.  To pursue an entrepreneurial path of servicing vital community level development.  

To help you become one of those future city builders, our social enterprise needs to move beyond providing information in workshops. We need to provide more holistic on-going support to help you reach your potential.  This rebranding is the beginning of a new level of service and resources for you to make your mark in neighbourhoods across Canada and the U.S. To have a tangible impact on our future quality of life.

We have created two complimentary organizations with one continuing to serve our individual partners' personal growth as future city builders.  The other is focused on assisting our organizational partners (agencies, foundations, and community groups) drive change and create community hubs with purpose. 

Beyond Proformas will be renamed to WeBuild!  WeBuild is a call to action, as we move beyond analysis paralysis, and pursue bold projects with sustainable impact.  We will continue our mission of helping early career professionals become better entrepreneurial city builders.  

We will spin off  This will be the new home of Beyond Proformas' community hub advocacy.  This organization will be a resource for our partner organizations such as agencies, foundations, and community groups who strive to accelerate the creation of sustainable community hubs.  

You are invited to co-create these organizations!  Send your feedback to on what you would like to see in terms of courses, networking opportunities, and resource guides.