World’s Leading Analyst Swoops Into Calgary Real Estate Forum

What might be a good background for a commodity analyst?  An economics degree, advanced excel skills, and a strong understanding commodity costs.  What is the background of a world class commodity analyst? A PhD in Economic history from Princeton; advanced geopolitical skills from working at the CIA; and chatting with Saudi Royalty about commodity costs at OPEC meetings.  As the Managing Director at RBC, Dr. Helima Croft was an opening speaker at this year’sCalgary Real Estate Forum. Calgary has been battered by negative news headlines and Dr. Croft’s outlook for 2016 oil prices wasn’t as positive as her earlier call in the spring, as certain OPEC power plays haven’t materialized. 

Value and long-term investors are definitely scouring Calgary for commercial real estate opportunities.  The media can tell a one sided story all it wants, I would predict a medium term recovery, that handsomely benefits the most active commercial investors over 2016 and 2017.  

To decompress from the long day, attendees were not too downtrodden and made their way to some of Calgary’s fine dining establishments.  Charcut is a can't miss destination for Carnivores. However, I prefer the less frantic ambiance of Divino Wine & Cheese Bistro.  There you can take a virtual trip to Spain with the taste of Roasted Pork Shoulder Empanadas.

Have a great weekend!

Andrew Garrett

Beyond Proformas