Three Ways Writing Can Derail A Real Estate Analyst

Early in my analyst career, my boss grilled me in my performance review about my lack of writing.  I thought to myself, I make complex spreadsheet models, who cares about the written report! He was ultimately right, and that feedback helped me get promoted soon after.

Writing plays a crucial role in advancing your career in real estate development. Here are three ways writing can position you for a future promotion:

  1. Persuasion: Sending an analysis of numbers with limited explanation, often raises questions about your assumptions. It also frustrates busy executives trying to use your analysis to make an urgent decision.  A well written email explaining a spreadsheet attachment, can anticipate many objections and lead to a more positive impression of your work.  
  2. Confidence:  When you send a report without structure or headings, the reader may get the feeling you are unsure of your findings.  Real estate professionals who express themselves well in written investment proposals, inspire confidence in their employees and managers. Sharp writing conveys the impression that a sharp mind composed the words.
  3. Team Building: Real estate development requires large teams of experts who all have their own unique jargon.  Clear writing, free of jargon, is an irreplaceable tool to provide direction and clarity to the team and promote collaboration.

Before you hit send on your next email to your manager, ask yourself:  

Have I anticipated any questions about my assumptions?

Have I been clear and concise?

Have I relied too much on jargon or spreadsheet analysis?

By Andrew Garrett