Avoid These Courses To Transform Your Career

Pursue professional development courses that will push you beyond the textbook.  There are too many courses and designations that only prove that you are a good test-taker.  Holdout for the best courses that will force you to apply your learning experiences.

I watched a documentary on #Netflix, If You Build It, which portrays how a development can catalyze a rural community.  Neglected high school students are taught by maverick teachers on how to take theory and apply it to building a better future for their community.  Having to test your development theory and build it in real life creates a transformative learning experience.  

There are an enumerable number of designations you can pursue to advance your career.  Many of them conferring letter designations to those who complete intense multiple choice exams.  You must ask yourself, if this designation helps me get a job, will it also help me be effective enough at the job to put me on track for promotion.  Is your potential going to be limited to your ability to regurgitate textbook material?  Will memorizing that formula without understanding its limitations, ever help you in the real world?  Look for professional development that forces you to deal with reality.  One example of a great professional development experience for me was completing a post graduate certificate in real property valuation.  You could not complete all the assignments from a textbook.  You had to contact a tax department, inspect a commercial property personally, and write exams with manual calculations, where memorization would be of no help.   

By critically evaluating the curriculum of your professional development courses, you can find a truly transformative experience to advance your career.  As highlighted by the teacher in the If You Build It documentary, real learning can 

"..plant small seeds in our students that years from now could result in a new kind of resource." 

Andrew Garrett

Beyond Proformas